The Smart Business Phone Number to capture leads

TextyPitch delivers targeted, multimedia experiences to engage and nurture leads at trade shows, large group presentations and one-on-one.

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No App to Download

No app to download for you or your prospects. Use your phone's native SMS app to send pitches, make calls and chat with contacts using your unique TextyPitch phone number.

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Robust Desktop and Mobile Interface

  • Add multiple users to manage your communications as a team.
  • Create multiple Contact Cards (Vcards) for different users or audiences.
  • Create unlimited Pitches for different users or audiences.
  • Measure Pitch and CTA (call to action) click rates.
  • Call, text or pitch your contacts from your desktop or mobile.
  • View a timeline of all your interactions by contact.
  • Chat with contacts via SMS, mobile and desktop.
  • Easily export your contacts to your CRM.

One Smart Phone Number

Full Featured Phone System

Add unlimited extensions to make outbound calls and route inbound calls to forward, voicemail or an IVR.

Call Recording

Choose to record inbound, outbound or all calls for quality assurance and later review.

Protect Your Privacy

Keep your personal cell phone number private.
All inbound and outbound calls and texts are made from your TextyPitch number.

Text To Call

Unique "Text to Call" feature lets you dial numbers from your phone's native SMS application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart Number?

A Smart Number allows your organization to communcate more naturally by automatically delivering keyword driven text messages, handling call routing, storing contacts, all while capturing voice and text activity from each contact.

What is a Vcard?

A V-Card is a virtual business card, it stores and transfers contact information and is especially handy on a mobile device (like a cellular phone). Whenever possible TextyPitch tries to exchange your organizations Vcard with new contacts so they know who you are next time you call.

What is a Pitch?

When using TextyPitch a "pitch" is used to deliver a personalized message with a trackable call-to-action button to a contact. Each pitch is triggered when an agent or customer requests information to be dlievered via a keyword trigger.

What are your privacy policies?

In a nutshell, your contacts are yours. We believe in personal, permission based marketing so we don't advocate for shortcuts and we DO NOT sell data to 3rd parties. To learn more, please read our complete privacy policy.